Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I am still playing for my college in the final year in the inter iit sports meet, a very unusual thing, especially for iitg. But the question which keeps coming to my mind again and again is that am i really playing for my college.

The answer to this question after a lot of introspection is "no". I am actually playing for my team and myself. I dream of our team winning the weightlifting championship, and thats all.

The reasons for this sort of feeling are a result of so many things i have seen here during my stay.When we say "playing for the college" , whom do we exactly talk about? The administration? which has never done anything for us. The students of the college? who probably don't even care what happened at the meet. Is sport really given the respect it deserves in our college? Are the sportsperson of our college treated the way they should be?

Incidentally, I met a guy today(who is himself in the 4th year) and while talking about a few issues he commented on the players of our college saying "yahan ke inter walon ki koi aukat bhi hoti hai? " When you hear people saying such things in your face afters years of dedication and hard work, it really makes you think over so many things.

When people say such stuff, they actually make fun of your defeat in the competition. But are the inter iit sports meet all that we lose. It's so obvious that we have the worst infrastructure in sports, almost no coaches, smallest number of junta to pick from and in spite of that the performence has been improving rapidly and there are already games in which iitg has earned a respectable name. No one thinks of these aspects and "make fun of" is probably all that they are capable of. If we start counting the fronts where we lose, the things would actually start to look a bit ugly but still it would be important to point out,that if we call our football team to be a loser if it lost against, say iitb ,then we would have to call the whole alcheringa and techniche teams loser as well (we all know about moodindigo and techfest).

The day people realize that being a sportsperson requires same amount of commitment and dedication and sometimes even more than those working for the fests(we all know about the core-bag-core-bag people), people like me might actually start playing for the college.