Trek to the Annapurna Base Camp

I wanted to have a firsthand experience of standing in front of the most difficult eight-thousander to climb. I wanted to feel what Maurice Herzog and his team would have felt, when they first saw the beautiful Annapurna, before becoming the first to climb an Eight thousander (Annapurna I is the 10th tallest mountain in the world, and considered by many as the most difficult to climb amongst the 14 peaks above 8000 meters)
This post will talk about my experiences on the Annapurna base-camp trek and in Nepal in general, a few tips for the ones planning to do this in future without guide/porter and also a few tips specifically for the Indians.
BTW, there are so many steep stone stairs on this trek that i heard many trekkers saying that it should be called the "Trek of Stairs" :)
Things needed before you start the trek:
1) TIMS permit: Got it from Kathmandu (search for Nepal Tourism Board on google maps, its pretty close to Thamel). Costs 600 Nepali Rupees(NPR) for Indians trav…

IIM Lucknow (2012-2014) Interview Experience

So, finally I have decided to give a detailed account of my interviews with my answers, hopefully it will help a few and also help me remember what happened on these days.....So, to start with, here I give my account of the IIM Lucknow interview :Venue: Bangalore All of us were divided into groups of 10, for the WAT (written ability test or the essay writing) and GDIt was announced that the essay would be for 15 mins. And then the GD on the same topic for 13.5 minutes (whatever that means J )The topic was : “Inflation is as violent as a bugger, as threatening as an armed robber and as deadly as a hitman.”I tried explaining the three aspects as given in the topic, e.g. the robber robs you of money by taking it away.. Inflation robs you by reducing the value of money with you.. etc.The GD was a very peaceful one, as we tried to stick to the topic and not start giving some useless statistics (which happened with another group)... it was a nice discussion where everyone had something to…

IIM Ahmedabad (2012-2014) Interview Experience

So today I will post the experience of the interview, which gave me sleepless nights JThe IIM Ahmedabad process did not involve a GD, there was an essay though for which 11 minutes (1minute for thinking and 10 minutes for writing) were given.The topic of essay was “The sate of poor health care in India”.I tried touching upon the reasons (lesser funds, corruption leaking the funds), consequences (poor quality of life, poor hit the most who need it the most) and solutions (such as greater public private partnership) briefly. 10 minutes mean you hardy have time to do much.A word of caution: IIM A was very particular about things, such as not having mobile with you, so that should be followed strictly.Then came the interview, I guess I was 5th to be interviewed, it really helps to have some off the topic chats with the people around, keeps you your natural being.So there were 2 panellists, 1 very young, the other one was young too, so i’ll call them the prof . on the left (LP) and the pro…



I have wanted to write on this, probably since I started liking it, but somehow never have. Today I will. The motivation also comes from the fact that the team I built from scratch is for the first time going to be devoid of any of the founding members. And it would be nice to share my experiences and feelings, which might help and motivate them.

I will tell about my experiences and related things. But first things first. What exactly is weightlifting? Contrary to what many believe its very different from bodybuilding or powerlifting. It's an olympic sport, requires power (strength and power are different things), speed, flexibility in the body, a solid technique and above all a herculean mental strength. If your max. lift is 100 kgs, it requires everything to be perfectly aligned to repeat it on the stage. It required twice the everything to make it 101.You have to be focused and have to dedicate yourself to training to add that 1 kg to your arsenal. I have learnt so much after …